ANKLEIDEREI | Ewa i Walla SS20

Our folklore heirloom

Ewa i Walla - Spring / Summer 2020

ANKLEIDEREI | Ewa i Walla SS20

Our folklore heirloom

Ewa i Walla - Spring / Summer 2020


Ready for the Summer!

Les Ours - Spring / Summer 2020

ANKLEIDEREI | Ewa i Walla SS20

Our folklore heirloom

Ewa i Walla - Spring / Summer 2020 | comming soon ...

ANKLEIDEREI | SHOTO sterling 2019

SHOTO sterling

Collection 2019

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Jette's Blog

My stories about fashion, life, passion

Scandinavian fashion meets French romanticism

Ewa i Walla: Timeless natural fashion that holds your breath

Swedish romanticism meets the highest level of tailoring. With an Ewa i Walla garment you underline your beauty and your attitude to life. Combine to your heart's content: timeless cuts, exclusive fabrics, faithful prints and loving details transform every piece into a work of art - made of natural materials and in the typical Ewa crushed look.

Fashion for the soul ... every day after your muse.

Current collection by Ewa i Walla

Our folklore heirloom - New Spring/Summer Collection 2020 by Ewa i Walla

Romantic dresses by Ewa i Walla

Nostalgia and romance from the South of France

Timeless fashion to dream and feel good, inspired by the romance of good old times. Each piece impresses with natural materials – rustic linen, fine cotton, lace motifs and enchanting details mate with cuts and colours reminiscent of past country life.
Les Ours and Ewa i Walla can be wonderfully combined. For Lagenlook lovers a real asset.

Current collection by Les Ours

 Collection Spring/Summer 2020 by Les Ours

nook...®: classic clothing for the cuddly season

Current Collection by nook...®

 Collection Autumn/Winter 2019 von nook...®

New in the Ankleiderei: cuddly accessories from hats & more 

Tradition and handcrafted by passion in the third generation - Made in Germany.

Current Collection by hats & more


New in the Ankleiderei: beautiful bracelets from SHOTO sterling

Loving and handmade bracelets made of high-quality semi-precious stones, fossilized dinosaur bones and meteorites, completed by beads, rings and caps made of sterling silver in traditional Indian handwork.   

Current collection of SHOTO sterling

 SHOTO sterling - Beautiful Things don't ask for attention!

New in the Ankleiderei: Boots by Rovers

The renowned manufacturer Rovers manufactures shoes with heart and character in every shape and color. Shoe collections with eye-catching details underline the distinctive quality standards of the label. In particular, the sweeping curved shoe tips are an unmistakable trademark of Rovers.   

Boots by Rovers

 Boots by Rovers - The Easy Way!

JAYKO: Fashion for adventurers – New collection by JAYKO

New collection by JAYKO

Collection Autumn / Winter 2019 by JAYKO

Jette's blog

Ewa i Walla, Les Ours & I - Scandinavian country life meets French romanticism, and both have changed me forever.

Welcome to my blog! I invite you to stories about fashion, life, passion!

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